Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm in Awe

I have started watching "So you think you can dance!". I started watching it with some friends from our Bible Study group who were really into it, and I got suckered in at the auditions. I have enough rhythym to clap to "We Will Rock You" and that's the end of my talent folks. To see these people dance blew me away.

Now I know that they have taken dance lessons, (well not Musa), but they are still only trained in one specific area and they have to do other areas. The two faces here are some of my favorites. Benji and Donyelle. They are partners. He's the child of the National Swing King and that's the kind of dancing he knows how to do. She does lyrical dance, which I don't understand or even appreciate but she makes it beautiful.

The first week they had to dance Hip Hop, and they blew me away. I will continue to watch, hoping that they win!

But the thing that "So you think you can dance!" has done for me is remind me of how unique we each are. My gifts and talents are in being creative. Now I'm sure that there will never be a reality tv show called "So you think you can scrapbook!", but someone needs to make those signs for the crowd to hold up. And someone needs to decorate the stage and make the costumes. For a long time I thought that because I have a gift that can be best used behind the scenes that I didn't have a gift at all. But watching all these dancers from different schools learn to work with each other and try new styles, I'm really learning that all of our gifts are needed to compliment each other!

It's probably a good thing there isn't a reality show for my talents, it wouldn't be fair to anyone else. (Just kidding, don't call me on that cuz I could enter contests which are like the same thing and I'm not ready to be called out).


Angella said...

God has given EVERYONE different talents, and they are all to be used for His glory. One is no "better" than the other :)

Amanda Franks said...

Well said Ange! It's a great lesson to learn!

Anonymous said...

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