Friday, May 25, 2007

Outta Here!

This weekend Nick is away in Ottawa. I am trying hard to be angry at that because I really need a break from mommyhood, but I can't be angry at all. Nick works so very hard, way too many hours. Even though his work isn't physically draining it takes a lot out of him emotionally which in my opinion is harder work.

This weekend he is working with this guy , and even though it's technically work it's a total break for him. I know that he'll come home having slept way too few hours and not get a break before he's back into the swing of things here, but he'll look a little rejuvenated and his spirit will be lifted. I am excited that he got to go away as it really is an unexpected opportunity.

While he's gone I had plans to do a zillion things. Things accomplished thus far, 3. I am just so exhausted! Isabella decided not to wear her diaper to her nap, and leave me a nice present on the floor. Not to mention that it's been 30 degrees before humidex here since he left. Tonight the heat broke, (and I was hoping for thundershowers, but got none), but it's only 12 degrees right now. So good.

I think I'll head off to try and get some more of those zillion things done, or eat ice cream.


northernlamb said...

I vote for the ice cream.

They say a change is as good as a rest so that is good for Nick. Please hug the girls and have them give you a big hug from us.
We will be seing you soon.

Elizabeth said...

I say relax and enjoy the ice cream. Hug!

Tanneal said...

I seriously don't know if I could handle Ontario summers...I'm such a prairie girl!

Cool that Nick get's to work with Derek...his website sure has alot of fancy reviews.

John's away this weekend too...but to YC Edmonton, so he too will come back having had very little sleep I'm sure!

And as for that bowl of icecream...I wish I was with you and we could dig in together! Sounds like just my kinda way to procrastinate!!

Mom said...

I'll make it unanimous and vote for the ice cream too!

The humidity is one thing I DO NOT miss about Ontario! You better get the fans going full tilt! And maybe splurg on a portable air conditioner for your room - you'll need it!

I'm glad that Derek is "the guy" that took Nick away this weekend - he always enjoys being with Derek and doing his shows and Derek is pretty generous with the perks so Nick will get perked up - haha!

I have to go to work now but I'll call tonight - so answer my call!!!!!

Love you all!!!!! Here's a kiss and a hug for each of you xoxoxoxoxo

Angella said...

I hope you survived the weekend! And the ice cream :)

Sorry I haven't been by - I've been crazy busy too :)