Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Occupant

A long time ago, we began a tank journey. I can't recall when I actually started writing posts about it, but this is one of them. It has been quite the journey for us. Our friend Jeff has been helping us through the process and he's such a trooper because it's hard to schedule things with Nick! We are so thankful for him. Last week it was decided things were finally ready! They took some water in to be tested. Apparently there was a dead fish in our tank, which is confusing cuz there haven't been any fish in our tank dead or alive. The fish store guy said there might be something dead in our conch shell. So out it came. Then Nick and Jeff took out water and refilled it a few times and left it a couple days. The water was retested and there is still a level of something, (I think nitrates), that is too high, but we can't find a cause for it as there hasn't been anything alive in there. So Nick and Jeff went out and bought our target fish and put them in there. We're going to wait and watch them for a month and as long as they're okay we'll be adding the fun fish next month!

Our target fish are Battle Sharks. These guys are medium sized. You can see one clearly on the right hand side. Target fish grow to a certain size and all the other fish in the tank will not grow any bigger than the target fish. This means we don't have to worry about our fish outgrowing our tank. The sharks are a really light grey so it was hard to get a good picture of them as our tank is open on all sides. If there was a background in here you could see them really well, but there's not. There are three sharks in there now.
The sharks are swimming around and getting used to their home. They're a bit skittish right now so they dart away from you when you get close to the glass. It's really fun to have something alive in there finally!


northernlamb said...

I am so happy that you finally have something living in your tank. How does Belle like the new fish???

Amanda said...

Reminds me of that big fish tank at Dairy Queen in Regina. Now I want a blizzard!