Saturday, February 10, 2007

Smart Popper

Today's topic will be: Ten Reasons My World is Better cuz Isabella is in it.

1. The other day out of nowhere she started singing 'Jesus Loves Me' along with me, and she knew all the words.

2. She honestly thinks the movie is called 'Cinderbella'.

3. In the middle of playing she'll just stop to give me a kiss or a hug or pause with a thoughtful look on her face and say 'Poppa at work.' as if to remind herself he'll be home.

4. She can already tell when I need a hug or am having a bad day and asks if I'm all right.

5. She loves the nursery and does not fuss when she goes there, and then sleeps soundly for hours in the afternoon.

6. She is the only kid with no interest in watching Dora the Explorer. Therefore giving me the perfect excuse to watch and enjoy kids television.

7. She loves to help out with Brooklyn whenever she can. Which means I'm not wondering what she's flushing down the toilet while I tend to her little sister.

8. She is very obedient.

9. The perfect day for her involves a box of raisins, Big Comfy Couch and a bath. Seriously if I could play BCC on a continuous loop until bed time, she would be in heaven. Yay for low maintenance!

10. Her smile and giggle are infectious, genuine and untainted by anything I have going on.


motherinlaw said...

Wow!!!!! What a girl!!!!!
When we see some of the pix you post we can see the little rascal in her. She seems so full of love and life. Nick used to play for hours on his own and then stop and give me a hug. You guys are doing a great job!!!!!

Will said...

Haha, that rocks man, what angel's you guys have been blessed with. Miss you guys, someday I'll get down to Ontario lol.


Angella said...

What a great list! :)

Jen said...

She sounds fantastic!

T said...

Amanda, that is an awesome, beautiful, HEARTWARMING list!!

She sounds like a real sweetheart=)

Mom said...

Sounds like Isabella got the best of each of you guys mixed into her little personality! That list is one of those things you must put in her memory album for sure!

Love you all a tonne!!!