Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Note

I know I mentioned I had a follow up about Brooklyn's weight today but I moved the appointment to next Friday. I don't think there's really any concern and I had other commitments today I did not want to cancel. I know she'll have already gained weight by next friday and my doctor will most likely say looks good, just come back in a month or two. Really the only reason in my mind for the follow up is cuz the first doctor refused to immunize her at the last appointment. Just wanted to let anyone who might be looking for an update know what was up!


motherinlaw said...

Thanks for your thoughtfulness.
You are Brooklyn's mom and you know your daughter better than any doctor. God bless you for knowing that. We love you and miss you.

Mom said...

You sound much more relaxed about the whole ordeal - I'm so glad! You DO know what you are doing, so just keep on enjoying those two little bundles! Give them each a big hug and kiss for me, 'kay ;)

How's Belle's cold?

Tanneal said...

I'm glad you aren't too worried. I think you are the best one to know if your babies are doing well anyways!

A bit unrelated, but I just wanted to encourage you with the breastfeeding thing (whether you still are or aren't!).

I had so much trouble breastfeeding G when he was first was a nightmare! The nurses wouldn't leave us alone b/c he was so BIG not small (10lbs, 4ozs)...they were worried that he would need alot to sustain his weight. Well, I had ALOT to give, just nobody that would take it. Neither he or I knew what the heck we were doing and it didn't help in the hospital to have every nurse, every 2 hours breathing down my neck, trying to 'help' and then threatening that they would have to give him formula if I couldn't get him to breastfeed. What we ended up doing was pumping and then finger gabagging (I have NO idea how to spell that word...basically G would get the milk through a small tube attached to either John or my finger) because I had heard that babies can get nipple confusion if you give them a bottle when they are really small. Anyways, I felt completely incompetent to be a mom...first the disappointment of having the section and then not even being able to have the bonding that came with feeding my baby from the breast! My ideal had been totally blown out of the water!

Thankfully it got better. He finally just ate when he got hungry enough, though it was SO hard watching him cry himself to sleep because he was so frustrated only to wake 5 minutes later to try again!!

This time with Baby j it was a whole different story. He was more patient I think and caught on right away. It helped that I knew what I was doing this time too.
The nurses still bugged me every two hours to make sure he had fed and would ask for how long. I KNEW he had had his fill, but they were worried cause the 'norm' (according to what they told me) is for a baby to feed off both sides at one feeding for like half an hour! Ok, right. Baby J would eat for 10 minutes off ONE side and then be totally satisfied. So I stretched the truth (just a little) so that they would leave us alone! The point is I knew he was alright...and he was.

I hope this somehow encourages you. I think you are such an awesome mom and obviously have your kids best interests at heart and will end up doing the very best for them! The guilt of this motherhood thing gets so overwhelming's been good for me to share in some of other people's stuggles to realize I'm not the only one!

Tara said...

Thanks for the up date!!! you are an awesome mom and you know your girls!!!! I am glad to hear that you are feeling a whole lot more relaxed about it all!!!