Monday, February 26, 2007


After a few re-scheduling attempts we finally got Brooklyn in to see the doctor. Since her last appointment she went from 3.9 kg to 4.3 kg, (8lbs 9 oz to 9lbs 5 oz). I have only been feeding her 24 oz a day and she seems to be quite happy with that. The doctor said she's already on the upswing and we're going back in three weeks just to make sure she continues on the upswing. I'm sure she will. We're currently re-situating the kitchen to bring in the high chair and start soon the journey of solid foods. Good times.

Brooklyn right now has a pretty major cold. Her cough is so wretching that you can feel it hurt her and her eyes have been watering for about 24 hours. Since she was already a mess I said "Let's Go!" to the immunizations. We'll just get all the crappiness over in one fell swoop. Despite her obvious discomfort while being sick she continues to smile and coo and be a joy for all of us. I am really blessed with joyful kids.

Nick and I are eagerly anticipating our two nights away. We leave about dinnertime on Thursday and return Saturday evening. We're going to Niagra-On-The-Lake which is a very beautiful touristy town. We get to stay in a hotel which was described to me as "bring the candles". Apparently each room has a tub big enough for two. In preparation for the weekend we had to do personality tests so we could be letting God prepare our hearts for what we'll be talking about. I have an AC personality. Apparently this personality is quite dominating in such situations involving tubs big enough for two people. I will neither confirm nor deny such conclusions. We leave in 64 hours.

We're also preparing to celebrate Isabella's 2nd birthday. We're doing a fish party. Isabella loves, loves, loves fish. She can already pick them out of abstract art. On our move here we stopped at the Mall of America just to go to the Aquarium feature. She loved it. So Nick and I are paying to set up a fresh water tank and we're asking her guests to bring a fish for the tank, (we've put a list together of fish that will live well together and have the expertise of a friend with a passion for fresh water tanks). I am quite excited. We're going to make personal pan pizza's and put on Finding Nemo for the kids while the grown ups chat. I'm glad we came up with an idea because I was not looking forward to having people over for cake and presents, it's just not my style. I really like to give experiences instead of gifts, and a fish tank will lead to loads of experiences.

I'm also super in love with my future Sister-In-Law, Mary, who booked a Creative Memories Get Together next month. The first one so far. It feels very good to have one on the calendar.

I think that's all the stuff we have coming up. If I'm not on here much this week it's cuz I'm too busy counting down the minutes to the retreat. Two years is way too long to wait for time alone with Nick!


Jen said...

I can't wait for you guys to get away alone. It sounds beautiful! Enjoy.

Jill said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend coming up. Good for the 2 of you!

debrowns said...

I love Niagara-On-The-Lake. I'm from Niagara Falls so I visit often to do window shopping. If you want to visit a very cute kids store, go to "The Owl and The Pussycat". Oh and don't forget to buy some fudge!

Mom said...

Oh Yes!!! the Fudge from Niagara-on-the-Lake is to die for!!!!! Enjoy the time away to reconnect, refresh and recharge! I hope whoever planned this retreat didn't forget the FREE time!

I love the idea for Belle's party!! Excellent!!!! I wish I could be there so take a tonne of pictures and even some movies - pleeeeeeease!

Keep an eye on Brook - you had whooping cough as a baby so if the cough starts to make her throw up, get her in and make them check for 'pertusis' right away. If that happens, she'll make every kid she comes in contact with get the test and they won't like it. I take it Belle got over her cold ok so Brook likely only caught that and will be fine soon. Glad to hear she is happy in spite of the rotten cold.

Angella said...

Have a great time away!!!!

Tanneal said...

Poor Brooklyn...Baby J just had a cold a couple weeks ago too. It's so sad when they are so little and there is not too much you can do for them!

What a cool idea for Isabella's B-day party...the whole experience vs. gifts thing is a neat way to think. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone doing that fish thing before. Fun!

Glad you have a CM party booked too! That must take some of the initial pressure off.

Take care and I hope you have a WONDERFUL time away!

Aaron said...

I think that is a really neat idea for your daughter's birthday party. I'm sure the other kids will love it too. It's a very creative and different way of having a child's birthday party.

getting away for a couple days is always nice. I"m sure since you have two little ones it's hard for the two of you to spend time alone. well like you said, it's been two years so it will be well worth it i'm sure. Niagara is so beautiful,although when i went there it was winter so i didn't see as much. but it was still nice

have a good weekend!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like things are looking up in so many areas of your life...aside from having a sick kid! Colds suck.
Glad to hear Brooklyn is packing on the pounds. :)

lilene said...

It's amazing who you can find over the internet! Remember me? you're friendly neighbourhood enrolment coworker. How have you been. You're daughters are precious! Anyway I'd love to hear from you and I'm sure excited I found your blog and can keep up to date on your life. Have a great time this weekend with your husband, you deserve it!