Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome 2011

For the past 18 months or so I've been saying, mostly to myself, that 2011 is the year I become a Domestic Diva. As I was saying this to myself I pictured a spotless house, gourmet meals, "perfect" children, an always happy hubby and myself (only skinnier, prettier and well, better).

Now that 2011 has arrived it's time to take that abstract idea and turn it into a reality. While striving to be Martha Stewart, Betty Crocker, June Cleaver and Brooke Burke is all well and good, I think I need to define my mission so I'm not striving to be any one other than myself....only better.

I turned to an online dictionary, because that's the best place to start defining something, right!?! The definitions for "domestic" and "diva" were rather disappointing in terms of what I needed:

Domestic: Devoted to home life or domestic affairs

Diva: One who behaves as a goddess

Goddess: A woman of extraordinary beauty; a greatly admired or adored woman

These definitions haven't helped me produce an outline for my 2011 mission, but they have made clear my challenge. Becoming devoted to laundry and toilet scrubbing is going to take effort. And furthermore devoted to "home life" is not my strength either. I don't suffer from the travel bug, but I'd much rather spend the majority of my time on the other side of my front door (which might have something to do with the pile of stuff on this side of it...). And a goddess I am not, and I have accepted that I never will be by human standards, perhaps a little work on my inner beauty isn't a bad thing, and being admired for my character is a worthy goal as long as my pride stays in check.

So, I'm going to pick 12 facets of domesticity, learn about them through the month and at the end of the month give myself a challenge to work on/grow in.

And this, my oh-so-neglected blog will be my head space for the journey. Where I can send questions to all my readers (if you're still there!) and share all my insights (please be gentle when you tell me that you can't believe I'm just 'getting that').

What areas of domesticity do you wish you were better equipped for? Or knew how to do better? Who is the Domestic Diva in your life?

Welcome to 2011.


Lamb said...

Believe it or not, my great aunt who raised me was the domestic diva in my life. I felt she had it all together. Now I know none of us has it all together. lol And that is A GOOD THING. to quote another domestic diva.
Let's get this year underway!

Lamb said...
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