Saturday, January 08, 2011

For Consideration

In my last post I mentioned choosing 12 facets of domesticity to focus on this year. I've been stuck thinking about them all week. I plan to choose one each month to focus on, but I'm not sure I even know what to consider. This post is really a brain spew. Feel free to let me know what you think I should add/delete on the list. It's a work in progress.

1. Routines/Schedules
How routined do we need to be? How can we achieve balance? Some routines are good, some need tweaking, some need to be invented. We have a pretty solid weekly schedule, but what about those things that need to be done once a month, or every season?

Family Fun
When to splurge? Ideas for free family fun? Being fun when I don't feel like it? Individual fun/ extracurricular activities?

3. Family Fun
How to do more with less? Where are the coupons/deals? My least favourite job.

4. Chores
When to do what? Who does what? How to keep it up in extra busy times? Rewards for chores?

5. Gardening
I would like to attempt this. Flower, herbs, idiot proof veggies. I have a black thumb, is it even worth it?

6. Finances
Planning all year long for the money-suck months? Doing more with less? Allowances? Reducing debts? Saving for the future?

7. Education
How do I keep 'teaching' at home? Are they learning what they should? Am I involved in the kids' academic journeys? What about the adult's education?

8. Faith
Is our faith lived out at home? Are we purposeful in sharing what we believe with our kids? Do we capitalize on Easter and Christmas? Am I being sensitive to their questions?

9. Memory Keeping
This is important to me. How do I include the kids and Nick? Making time? Am I organized? Do I have systems to stay organized? How am I remembering what the pictures can't tell? How do I get all those pictures sorted, printed and stored?

10. Holidays
What do we celebrate? When? What are our traditions?

11. Busy times
My job takes over four months a year, how do we stay steady and consistent?

12. Healthy Lifestyle
Am I investing in all aspects of our health? Are we doomed to become a statistic? What do I even need to think about.

I like lists. Even when they're just lists of non-coherent though processes. Now where to go from here?


Lamb said...

Wow, you are the queen of lists.

Regarding idiot proof veggies you might try potatoes. They are dead simple. Just let a few potatoes begin to grow eyes, cut into chunks and plant. Of course you have to wait till warmer weather. lol The kids can help with that.

Free fun stuff on a rainy day you could have a picnic and camp in,having a little nap time in tents. I think the girls would love helping to plan what to eat and what to use for their tents.

The Library is a GREAT place for free activities and you would see ADULTS!

Don't try to make too many changes or it will all become overwhelming. Just try one or two things and see how it goes.

I love how Nick seems to spend specific time with each child. That is so special. I remember when our sons were younger and I used to go out with each one for dessert at the local restaurant and stop at the library sometimes.

Please remember nobody is perfect. No matter what Martha Stewart says!!!!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a list I need to address... oh I need more energy