Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Annual Family Letter


Tonight I am considering two thoughts; Luke 2:19: "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." and the unfortunate event that my hard drive died and is holding hostage thousands of pictures I cannot share with you.

It causes me to pause when I consider that Mary knew Jesus was the Son of God and that he was quite literally on loan to her. It's a bit awe-inspiring to think of how his birth was announced to her and that she heard so many prophetic utterances about him before she even saw his face. It makes my heart sad that once Jesus started alluding to his death Mary knew her days to hug him and tell him she loved him were numbered.

I wonder if this knowledge made Mary wise enough in her young age to let the little things slide and spend as much time with Jesus as she could? I wonder if knowing her time to 'mother' would be cut short enabled her to enjoy all the little things? I wonder what it was like for her to see him creating worlds in the sand and then change the world on the cross?

Maybe you've wondered those things too, and now you're wondering what my hard drive has to do with Mary?

Just as the Bible shows us snippets of Mary and Jesus' life, there are parts of our lives that everyone gets to see; the kind of stuff that makes it into the family Christmas letter. We don't know much of anything about Mary, Joseph and Jesus' mundane everyday life. Yet we all know that the major milestones in life are really the culmination of a bunch of little moments. And I think that Mary knew that too. Even though the major events in Jesus life would be told over and over, she had a VIP pass to the behind-the-scenes moments that supported them.

That's what 2010 was for us. We had two major milestones; Brooklyn started school and we moved to a new house. But if that's all I shared this would be a very short letter. Our mundane everyday doesn't seem noteworthy, so I probably would have filled this page with pictures and an accompanying story or two, but I can't go about writing this letter that way as my hard drive hasn’t made his demands know.

After I lamented that fact I began to embrace my 2010 as I think Mary may have embraced being Jesus' mother, treasuring all the things she would experience and not be able to adequately share. Like the way your child's laughter makes gloomy days brighter; the way answering a million questions gives you a new perspective. How love becomes simple in the mind of a child and adventure never ends in their imagination.

Having a year lacking in major milestones and being without the pictures I wanted to share has reminded me to cherish the little moments and be grateful I experienced them. The truth of the matter is that every moment means as much as every milestone because each day is to be cherished.

Now, I'm not going to stop taking pictures and I hope that next year I'll share many of them in our letter, but the process will be new for me as I'll see each moment captured in picture as a fragment of the mural of our life.

We hope that this Christmas season finds you surrounded by family and friends you love; enjoying and treasuring as many moments as you possibly can, the big ones and little ones alike.

Merry Christmas,

Nick, Amanda, Isabella, Brooklyn, Kathryn & Nolan

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