Monday, December 13, 2010


I was majorly bummed when I received a letter home from school letting me know that the kindergartens would not be participating in this year's Christmas Concert. Last year they did and Isabella was the cutest nose picker there ever was. Luckily our church did a Kid's Christmas Musicalish performance and so the girls got to get dressed up and sing a little. The performance consisted of singing, with the bigger kids talking in between songs. Then there was a cute little slide show.
Brooklyn was having a blast. I think she sucked in enough air to sing an opera every time she needed to breath. She twirled her skirt back and forth. She was adorable. Then she came home and caught her sister's stomach bug, poor girl! She had a great time. And in the slide show I learned that their favourite parts of Christmas are decorating with mom and dad. Isn't that sweet? Isabella also did great and I am so happy she wasn't the nose picker! She did get bored after the first song, but that's my girl.
Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you got to enjoy some little people singing in the season.

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Amanda said...

So cute!!!