Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saturday Morings.

We have been doing swimming lessons at the local pool for the last few weeks. I tried to arrange that we would only have to be at the pool for an hour, with two kids having lessons simultaneously for each half hour block. I was a bit late with our registrations though and the class for Brooklyn's age group was filled.

She gets to swim all by herself in the pool. Well, almost all by herself. There is one other girl in her class, and only one other class with two children in it that swim at the same time. She absolutely loves the pool and she loves swimming without us. I wasn't sure she was ready for her first parent-less class but she is doing remarkably well. I see a lot of other kids in her age come for the next session, a class of five with two teachers. The teachers spend literally the entire class trying to coax the kids into the water. I'm kind of glad I was late with the registrations.

There isn't anyone else there first thing in the morning and we get the run of the place, which Nolan appreciates as he fully explores the entire building.

Kathryn likes to spend the 30 minutes asking if it's her turn. And when we stop answering her questions she just slyly begins taking off her clothes, which doesn't make the time go any faster, but I think she thinks it does.

Brooklyn has an amazing swimming teacher whom she adores. But the best part of all swimming lessons at our local pool, is the Duck slide. Loads of fun, for everyone!


Bloggy Mama said...

That's awesome. Also? You are amazing for taking four kids to the pool for lesosons!

Amanda Franks said...

Aw, thanks Elizabeth. Nick and I go it together, and really I'm just the CEO of changerooms. Nick does all the lessons with the kids, always has. We wanted him to be 'expert' at something, and I love that he knows more about our fishes than I do!