Sunday, May 02, 2010

Passing the Torch?

Spring is in full bloom around these parts. The flowers and the bellies! Our church is sure riding the waves of the next baby boom, or so it seems! Brooklyn has always been our most matronly child and so its no surprise that every time a pregnant lady passes our path she says something along the lines of; "That girl has a baby in her tummy just like you!"

I look her straight in the eyes and remind her for the umpteenth time that we aren't going to be having any more brothers or sisters. That there aren't any babies in my tummy, (who needs more motivation to get to the gym than that?). Last week I think she finally understood what I was explaining to her and that she would just have to accept it.

For now she's content to carry dolls in her shirt and when a pregnant lady passes us she reminds me that one day she'll go to the hospital and get a baby! I am soooooo glad that's a long, long, long way off but I can already see that she will be a blessing as a mom and that is pretty cool.


Bloggy Mama said...

So sweet. My kids keep telling me that there is a baby in my tummy. A little un-nerving ;)

buttonbox said...

Isn't it neat to see their unique personalities shining through? I had a girlfriend visiting last weekend, and she has been trying to get pregnant, but with no luck. And then some lady came up to her and asked when she was due, WHILE rubbing her tummy, and then continued to rub her tummy even after my friend said she wasn't pregnant! Awkward! So glad it wasn't me that happened to!