Wednesday, November 04, 2009

W is for Walt

I find that a lot of people start talking about mid winter trips this time of year. There seems to be an inevitable group of people who will begin to share the anticipation of their trek to Florida or California as soon as the first snowflakes flutter. We are not taking such a trip this year, but one day we will.

I think maybe I've shared my dream family vacation before but I've been thinking about it a lot as I get to know some families who regularly make the drive down to Florida. The families I know don't go to experience DisneyWorld but that's what I think of whenever someone says they're headed that direction.

I am so stoked that in the year 2017 we will be taking an all-out-vacation-to-end-all-family-vacations. You must be thinking I'm crazy to be excited about a trip that is 8 years away, but I am. When I go shopping and am holding something awesome in my hand I stop and think, 'Do I want this more than DisneyWorld?' and often the answer is no. So back on the shelf it goes.

I've already started planning the basic itinerary. Christmas morning the kids will wake up and rush downstairs to find the bottom of the tree empty. And when they burst into our room to weep and wail and gnash their teeth at the injustice of it all they'll find us sitting on a pile of luggage, grinning ear to ear. And we'll tell them we're heading to DisneyWorld and they'll catch our excitement. Each day will feature a different child with a me and mom date in the morning and a me and dad date in the afternoon while everyone else just hangs out. Dinners at restaurants featuring menus that that particular child will want one of everything off of. Evenings renting movies in our hotel room, or going to shows, or something as a family. We'll stay in some ridiculously over-priced theme suite on New Year's Eve and catch the fireworks and really feel like 2018 will be a magical year for us. We'll fall asleep feeling like princes and princesses in our castle and wake up ready to make the best of every day and every moment of the coming year.

It's going to be awesome. I can't wait to see how it unfolds once we put details into dreams.

What's your dream vacation?


Jen said...

I'd be excited too. We are taking the kids to Disney in 2012 and I'm already excited!

We are heading to Cancun in January and for now, that is my dream holiday. No kids, lots of sun, good friends, for one week. Sounds like heaven.

Bloggy Mama said...

That sounds AMAZING!!! What a dream vacation!

Phil and Jenn said...

So AWESOME! I hadn't even started thinking about planning a trip like that, but maybe that is something we'll have to start saving pennies for. So far all of our "vacations" have been to visit family and we know they're not always a dream!!!

Amanda said...

Our vacations are to visit family. I'd love to go to disney land when the kids are older, or to all inclusive resort where mom doesn't have to do anything! (well you know cook clean laundry!)

Amanda Franks said...

It's funny how everyone's 'vacations' are all about family when the kids are young! Amanda I agree with you on the all-inclusive. Friends of ours went to a really cool one in Mexico and I think I'd like to do that too, but not as much as this so if I have to choose one....