Friday, November 20, 2009

Supersize Me!

I love, love, love that we have a 'big' family. I know that when you compare us to the Duggers and the like we are a teeny family, but I do believe we fall in, or at least near, the category of today's big families. And I really enjoy it.This week we did many family things; our Christmas card photo shoot, a meal in a restaurant (gotta love kids eat free!), Operation Christmas Child boxes, family movie night at Belle's school and tomorrow the kids and I are headed for the Santa Claus Parade! It's been a full week, full of fun, full of family. I love that we don't necessarily have to find other people to hang out with, (although we enjoy that just as much). The kids play with each other, they feed off each others moods and every now and then they run back for a little snuggle. I like that they look after each other in crowds and whenever we go anywhere the first thing they do is introduce their siblings, (even to random strangers in the grocery check out line).I am glad we were able to stick out the craziness of newborn days and decide to 'go down that road again' three more times! There are many days I don't have a clue how I'll get through, but I am so thankful that I do because I couldn't imagine our family with even one less person.


Lindsay said...

I come from a big family. 4 of us are original and then I have another 2 added through marriage. I love the big gatherings, and how everyone gets along.

Lamb said...

Great pix!!!!!!!
Love your little or large family.
Can't wait till Christmas!!!!!

Bloggy Mama said...

So precious. I love you guys.

Amanda said...

Ahhh so sweet!

The Mind of a Mom said...

HI Amanda
The Mind of a Mom here ~ can you please send me an email. You won the tickets to see Disney on ice!