Friday, January 02, 2009


I am one of those rare and unusual folks who loves winter. Back in the day I loved being out in the winter weather, of recent years I have grown more crochety and it takes a lot of cajoling to get me outside. The last two winters I've had the really good excuse of either being pregnant or just recovering from delivery which have allowed me to spend most days looking out instead of in. It's a sad but true truth that I have yet to build a snowman with the girls or play outside to rush in for hot cocoa. In my defense Ontario winters are just weird. There can be a foot of snow outside in the morning and in the evening a gentle rain with not a speck of snow in sight. Ontario is just weird like that.

Even though I haven't been living life in the great white, I still greatly enjoy it. Today I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch and a light snow was falling. I was thinking to myself about how it looked like a snow globe and smiling while washing dishes. Isabella rushed in to ask for something and was immediately distracted by the falling snow. She had to grab Brooklyn and stand watching it for a few minutes. Within seconds of beginning their snow watch I heard comments like; "I just love it. It's so beautiful." I feel the same.

I laugh hysterically when they call a snow day here because the wind chill makes the temperature -15 and it snowed 5cm last night! But I've quickly become climatized and while I'm laughing I'm shivering and putting extra layers on the kids! I am looking forward to a few years down the road. When the girls will play outside but tell me when they get cold, (at the moment they don't mention they're cold which limits our outdoor interactions), when my body isn't growing someone so I can do things like hurtle down a hill in a very unsafe toboggan, when we can have family snow ball fights and us girls can throw well enough to give Nick a run every now and then.

Winter is one of those seasons that you have to grow in to before it can be safely enjoyed, especially when you live in a Province that's called in the National Guard on account of some white stuff.

Right now I like to love winter while sipping tea and glancing out the window beside my computer. But I'm looking forward to getting my thick skin back and enjoying it outside one day not too far down the road.


Bloggy Mama said...

Just think... when you live in BC (I wish) we can do all that stuff together!!!

Lamb said...

Hey Amanda, I love the winter too. You should be up here in Elliot Lake. We have plenty of snow. You could make a kajillion snowmen here. We have had more snow so far than all last winter.
Please don't blame the entire province for a stupid act of former Mayor Mel Lastman on Toronto. lol

It isn't cold unless the snow really crunches when you walk on it or that first breath outside almost hurts. -15 is a nice mile winter day. hahaha

Can hardly wait for pictures of you girls beating Nick with snowballs.

Will said...

-15...yup you guys have been away from here for far to long lol. -15 is a gorgeous day :p. We went snowboarding about 2 weeks ago, the wind was about -40 haha.

kelle said...

I love winter too (from inside a nice warm house, sipping some hot tea) I remember all too well the winters in Ontario. What people don't realize is that -15 can feel really cold, because you can feel it in your bones (and it takes forever to thaw out!), unlike the cold on the prairies. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and continue to enjoy winter, no matter what you're doing.

My Life said...

you have been away too must move back here to enjoy our winters :) I would really love that!!
-15 in ontario is very cold though it is like -30 here, that dampness in the air that just sticks to you!!!