Wednesday, January 07, 2009


There are a lot of things I didn't anticipate about motherhood, but one of them is happening with Isabella right now. Thankfully she has yet to learn the phrase; "Mom, I'm bored.", but I can tell that she is. She runs around the house literally bouncing off the walls and has so much energy to spare I've seriously contemplated trying to figure out how to bottle and sell it.

The winter is a hard time to be a toddler in a small house. We have one room for her to play in and that room also houses our living room furniture, 'office', toys and such. Not much space. I would be bored too if I was three.

I've decided we need to come up with a school-like routine. One that is obviously flexible enough for movie days and not so routine that it's just replacing one form of boredom with another. We've started doing a playdough session each day and getting in our exercise with Wii Fit together. (BTW: Wii users, have you tried Super Hula Hoop? Holy hard batman!)

I'm not sure what else to do with her though. I've thought about a phonics program. My Aunt who is an ECE suggested Jolly Phonics, anyone else have a program they've used? Preferably a free one! What other things do you do to keep your toddler's brain happy?

From this series of pictures you can see that I enjoy spending the time teaching my children valuable skills like how to make the 'horns'. Vital information should she find herself at a rock concert in the near future. Isabella usually obliges willingly, but I'm beginning to think she 's tiring of my antics. ;)


Amanda said...

Love the pictures, too cute. Oh winter I understand. We have had a cold spell of -35 for like three weeks so going stir crazy for sure. Trying to think of things to do too.

Bloggy Mama said...

She's so adorable. Hunter really enjoys working on writing workbooks, educational games and matching stuff... do you have those? Also, give her a big can of mixed up little things and get her to sort them out - score!