Thursday, January 01, 2009

Under Consideration.

When I began blogging my intent was to keep in touch with two particular people. Friends whom I had lived life with during highschool but had since moved away from. We were all starting families and having crazy adventures. A method of communication to share stories, thoughts and pictures that wasn't bound by the time change seemed ideal. Since I began blogging life has gotten exponentially busier and 7 children have joined the scene between the three of us. We've pretty much fallen out of touch except for a random blog comment every now and then.

While I've been blogging I've been able to virtually meet some great people and connect on another level with people I sort of know, or knew once upon a time. I've greatly enjoyed reading the struggles and triumphs of others; loved laughing at the crazy things kids say and do; thought intently on subjects brought up by other people's posting and even been encouraged through the experiences of others.

More than enjoying reading, I've enjoyed writing. The times where I have sat down and drafted a post, done a few re-writes, found the perfect title and accompanying picture have been wonderful. Even the spur of the moment posts help me remember moments I would most likely forget in the busyness of life and sometimes just flipping on the computer and scrolling past pictures I've posted makes a bad day good.

As a New Year dawns I am considering what I want out of blogging at this present time. I'm not sure what the answer is. I have an idea in my head of this being my 'home page' in a very literal sense. That I start here and it links me to all the things I consider priorities in my life. It doesn't do that right now. But what about content? What do I want to share with the world? It's under consideration right now.

How about you? What do you get out of blogging?


Bloggy Mama said...

I enjoy forging and growing friendships and being able to have an outlet to encourage others.
Blessings in 2009!!

Amanda said...

I love to write. I love to keep family far away informed on us. And I use this as a sort of way to encourage myself sometimes.By reminding myself of all the blessings, and of God's promises.

Lamb said...

Blogging helps me connect with myself, if that makes sense. It is sort of like thinking out loud. At least with blogging nobody else can see until I hit enter. lol

I love reading about life at your house, good bad and ugly. We all have ugly days when everything seems to be going wrong and we feel overwhelmed. And then there are the terrific days when there are wonderful things happening in our lives.

I think encouragement is also a very important part of blogging. I am encouraged when I read others experiences and how they are affected by them and I can in return encourage when others are down.

You are an excellent writer, Amanda. Keep it up. Excerpts from your blog over the years would make great reading. How about calling it "Life with the Fab 4, 5 to Life with the Super 6"

I think writing is cathartic. It helps organize thoughts and ideas. It also helps us see in our everyday lives how important each relationship is. It is good to take time to reflect on precious moments before they become a fleeting memory.

God bless,