Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Most Beautiful (Flower) Girl in the World

Waiting to ride in the 'fancy car'.
She was so quiet and well behaved during the ceremony.
It would seem that dancing in the gazebo was way higher on her priority list than posing for group photos.
Trying to get her in the groove to do the portraits, which never happened.
Isn't she so cute? She did an amazing job during the ceremony, and ate well during the reception. She also danced the night away until midnight. At about 10:30ish I put her in her pj's thinking we'd go home early. She went to say some good-byes and ended up back on the dance floor. She lasted about two minutes before she ran over and asked for her dress back because her pj's don't twirl. I know this was a very special day for her, and am so glad she was asked to be involved.


Marla said...

so precious! i remember desperately wanting to have a dress that twirls too!!

Tara said...

so cute!

Deanna said...

She's so beautiful! She looks so much like you!

Jill said...

I made sure that my wedding dress twirled! She's such a cutie!

Lamb said...

We love the pictures!!!!!

What a princess!!

A twirly dress is a must

I really like the pic with the two of you. Put it on my computer for wallpaper.

Amanda Brown said...

What a doll! And I just can't get over how much Belle looks like you!