Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Good Excuses.

So I logged on to leave a few comments on the blogs of typers much more faithful than I have been of late, and since I was logged on I thought I would leave a note behind.

I have some awesome pictures on my camera of a few fun events of the last week: the Father's Day Car Show we go to each year, my Birthday Bash at Chuck E. Cheese and just some random adorableness of the girls. However, I was last trying to upload during a lightning storm and pressed my luck. Nothing a little time wont fix, but time is a hot commodity around here. I find when I don't have pictures it's hard for me to blog, but I think I'll try because it could take me a good two weeks to get the pictures up.

I also got a haircut yesterday that I love, but I now have to actually do my hair. It's nothing drastic, just my usual cut, but I found this lady to have done a much better job. I think I found me a stylist I will stick with. The best part about the haircut is that it was free! A gift from someone for me, so very cool.

I turned 28 last week, crazy.

Well, I think I'll bid you adieu and try to come up with something of more substance tomorrow. The rain here has given me a sore throat and I better go to bed to try and get over it, I simply cannot call in sick!


Bloggy Mama said...

Hapy Belated.
I miss you.
Snuggle those girls tight, from me ;)

Tara said...

ya... I wish I could call in sick once in awhile!

Amanda said...

sound like you are busy having fun. I know about the getting sick, no sick days for stay at home moms. Hope you feel better soon.