Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Body Double.

Yesterday Isabella decided my lipstick looked better on the walls then it does on me and used the entire tube to decorate our stairwell while I was on the phone. I am totally procrastinating from cleaning that up right now.

Last week I joined what seems like millions of people here on earth and began counting points on Weight Watchers. I took this past week to just read a tonne on the site and learn about their process and science and all that jazz. Today was the first real day that I actually ate conscious of point values, it wasn't that hard. At least not until after the kids were in bed. I do really good at not snacking during the day, it's really hard to tell Isabella she can't have a cookie when I'm eating one, so I just bypass the argument and don't have any cookies. But after the kids are in bed I just want to treat myself for getting through another day and what's a better reward then cheesecake or nachos or cookies or nanimo bar or all of the above?

So as I sit here tonight procrastinating from cleaning and thinking about stuffing my face, my thoughts are turning to more beautiful things; Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Marcel and Katherine Heigl. I would be completely content to be of the body shape to play body double for any of those women. When I think of Hollywood beauty they are it.

Completely feminine and yet you know you'd have a fight on your hands if they asked you to meet them in an alley; when you watch them stuff their face in a movie you get the feeling they really did- all 26 takes! I think of Drew in Home Fries, so cute and curvy; Katherine Heigl on Greys or in 27 Dresses, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman or Oceans 11, Vanessa Marcel on Las Vegas.

Just enough envy exists for me to choose to a glass of water over the mouth watering piece of cheesecake Nick brought home for me yesterday, maybe if I have points left on Sunday I'll indulge!

Who would you like to be a body double for?


Jen said...

I'm the same as you. It's night time snacking that gets me every time on Weight Watchers.

Good luck with it!

Bloggy Mama said...

Go for it, Amanda. I wish you well.

Amanda Brown said...

Jennifer Aniston: toned and lean without looking gaunt or like a he-man.
And I am SO not looking forward to hopping back on the WW wagon. Good for you, though. You'll do great.