Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Path is Paved

I started this week off with totally good intentions. Working out, blogging, house work- the whole nine yards. I have done absolutely nothing. Well not nothing, I read a zillion books, fed and bathed children, made it to bus stops and doctors appointments and cuddled sick children. But I didn't make it to the gym even once, fell right back off the bloggin' wagon and my house, um, let's leave that subject alone for now! You know that old saying about good intentions, hopefully I can change them into reality and start heading the right direction!

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Amanda said...

I totally understand! I have been trying to lose weight as we are trying to get pregnant again and I was good at it for a month... and trying to blog more. I've learned as a mom (I only have 2)that my best plans may not get accomplished, but if I love my kids and husband the most important thing has happened!!!