Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Shining Example

About two weeks ago Isabella got her first shiner. I was out of the house, but apparently she jumped over Nick's legs while goofing around and fell forward bouncing her eye socket off of Nolan's head. So the story goes that Nolan didn't even flinch.

It amazes me that just weeks shy of her fifth birthday Isabella is sporting a shiner for the first time. I recently sorted through a million photos and I am pretty convinced that Brooklyn spent her entire second year with a black eye or bruised forehead or rug burned chin. Its like comparing apples and oranges those two.

Isabella loved to recount the story at church and let everyone know exactly what happened. She was rather happy with the attention I think. Which is fine, as long as her story doesn't end with: 'But you should see the other guy!".


Lamb said...

Now that is a shiner to be proud of.

Amanda said...

Rough housing with daddy while mommy was away of course. So cute how your boy didn't even cry. Daddy is probably really proud of his bruiser tough daughter and tough little man!!

Bloggy Mama said...

What a doll. I hope it got nice and yellow for her... my favourite stage ;)