Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First time for Everything

I am one of those crazy people who loves winter. I love bundling up in extra sweaters. I love running inside for hot chocolate after being outside. I love the comfort food I make for dinner. I love watching snow fall. I love how excited Isabella gets when she makes snow angels. I love all the celebrations and get togethers that come along when there is snow on the ground.

But not this year.

It has been so cold, and up until last night I could still see grass in my neighbor's back yard. The most time I've spent outside is waiting at the bus stop and that is just not enjoyable. I think this may be the first year I've ever experienced the January blahs. And you know what? All you winter bah-humbugers can have them back! I am not a fan. Not at all.

And the main thing that makes the difference seems to be the lack of white stuff. Not having a few feet of snow around seems to have let the cold air go straight to my heart. I need it back to insulate my reverie.

I want to enjoy the winter season. Being stuck inside with the ones you love, extra time to scrapbook and read. Warm foods and warm drinks. I think I'm going to have to reclaim my love for winter, with or without the snow!


Phil and Jenn said...

Come and move to Alberta. We have had snow and cold for the last few months! Lots of time to enjoy hot chocolate, warm fires and fuzzy blankets! Hope you can find your winter groove soon before spring comes!

Lamb said...

We have winter up here in northern Ontario. lol
I do love the way you write your blog. I hope you are saving all these posts to mull over when you are old and grey.
Hugs and Prayers

Bloggy Mama said...

All our snow just melted. I want it back. We didn't even get to make our colour fort yet - booo.