Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sending up a Prayer.

This is my formal petition to the Creator of the Universe to intercede in a miraculous divine way for all moms who feel the way I do- CAN WE PLEASE HAVE AN 8th DAY IN THE WEEK!!

Life here has been moving so swiftly. Today I went to book a photo session for next week for the girls. Katy will be 4 months old, Brooklyn 18 and Isabella has truly entered the 3's. I looked back on the previous three months pictures of Katy and can't get over how much she's changed already! Brooklyn started "reading" this week. She turns pages while spewing forth animated gobbeldy gook. Katy started interacting with the world around her, she talks to the TV now and so far is the most vocal at this early of an age! Yikes. And if Isabella could have looked anymore like a teenager as we headed out the door to Pioneer Clubs I would have fainted. The days they are a whizzing.

I absolutely cannot keep up! Just as I get one room of the house clean another one seems to have adopted the clutter from that one and there's no getting ahead. My bathroom needs to be vaccuumed daily due to the amazingly large amount of hair my post partum body is shedding, (seriously how am I not bald?), and it irks me to no end.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm loving it. But I am craving a return to knowing I have all my 't's crossed and my 'i's dotted. Tomorrow I get the afternoon to go grocercy shopping to set up for my once a month cooking and I have no idea what I'm buying yet! The days feel so overwhelming, in a good way, and leave me reeling at the end of them.

When I found it easy to go from having one kid to two I naively assumed going from two to three would be the same. Man it's a whole new world with the three of them! With all this craziness there are days when I'm sure you'll all find me (in the near future) in the corner rocking back and forth sucking my thumb, but then I just pull out my camera and start snapping away and day dream about our family completed and as overwhelming as it is I know I wouldn't change a thing. Having our kids all close together is awesome, challenging but awesome, and I'm glad I get a few seconds to snap those pictures to remember all that I'm sure my mind can't absorb in the current chaos.


Lamb said...

Great post, Amanda! So where are those pictures??? lol

Did you say that you and Belle were going to Pioneer Clubs?

She is growing up way to fast.

We miss you guys and we love you.

Bloggy Mama said...

I know what you mean... except I only have two. How is Susannah six months old? And crawling? When did I blink and have a two-and-a-half year old?
Wishing you joy joy and more joy with that beautiful family of yours.
P.S. my hair is just now slowing on the falling out....

Anonymous said...

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Tanneal said...

Wow, sounds like a whirlwind...and I hear ya! My house is always dirty too (sigh) and I can't keep up no matter how hard I try...but you're right, it's absolutely worth it.

dags said...

brooklyn made me laugh out loud in that picture of all three girls...glad to hear they are keeping you on your toes ;)

Tara said...

I think your girls are beautiful!

I tagged you today because I am sure you aren't busy enough :)

Amanda said...

I hear you, the time just flys bye. My youngest just turned one and my oldest Ethan is almost three where did the time go.