Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This is how Wii do it.

The days since Christmas have totally flown by, but here are some pics of us enjoying the day at home.
The goofy grin Isabella felt needed to accompany the opening of each gift.
Brooklyn attempting to open a gift.
And the last gift Brooklyn had any interest in. Everything after this just wasn't good enough. She cuddled her glow worm the rest of the morning.
Me being completely confused as to why I was the one receiving electronics. Nick had to explain to me that it was a DVR before I got excited. Now I can tape the shows I want to watch while the kids are awake or I'm at other commitments and enjoy them on those weekends when Nick is at work and I'm home doing nothing.
Playing a bit of Wii before we headed out to Christmas Dinner. Isabella lasted four frames of bowling before she was done.
The 30 seconds she kept her cute pigtails in.
A little Brooklyn
A little Bella
Nick secretly wishing he was father to 5 year old boys so that he could be playing with Lego right now and not busting an artery blowing up the girls ball pit.


Tara said...

oh I'm super jealous about your new DVR!!! That is totally what I wanted.

Instead I got computer software... that I don't understand.

Perfect :)

Will said...

You're girls are adorable Amanda :) I'm glad that Christmas was good to you guys. I'm stoked to be comin up soon. Leavin on Friday woot woot.

Lol, also, I enjoy your play on Wii haha. Nice.

Bloggy Mama said...

tee hee.
Happy New Year, Amanda!!

Lamb said...

Just love the pic of Nick blowing up the girls toy. I titled it Hot air. I am also jealous about the Wii. I want one. Have lots of fun with your toys.

wandi said...

Happy New year girl. You tell Nick that girls are not so bad. I think it is so cute that he is a daddy of 3 girls. I know Jordan is just adoring his little girls. I did notice that Abby got a play tool kit for Christmas though.;)