Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Fishes

Isabella took to water like a little fish right after she was born. We enrolled her in her first swimming lessons at 6 months. I figured there would be a lot of other 6 monthers in her class enrolled by nervous parents not wanting to dunk their kids under the water for the first time without someone else to perform CPR should it be needed, (we were such parents). There wasn't a single child under the age of one in her class. It turned into half an hour of Nick and Belle floating around in the pool. But neither one of them would have given it up for the world.
This fall we enrolled both girls in their respective classes Parents and Tots 3 and Parents and Tots 1. We all got up early and headed to the pool on Saturday mornings. Me and Brooklyn would hang out and eat breakfast while Nick and Belle did their lesson. Then we would switch kids. It was a great time of individual bonding. I was sad when it ended the last week of November. We will probably enroll the kids again in the fall, but it wont be the same. The next class Isabella enters is one without parents. I"m not sure she'll be ready for that in the fall, we'll have to see.
Both kids learned a lot of new skills and had a super fun time. Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of it. Not because I didn't bring my camera, not because I wasn't snap happy and ready to document this precious time. The lack of pictures is due to the state of our society in that no one can take pictures in a public pool here, just in case you're a pedophile. Totally sucks that I can't share the way Brooklyn's eyes light up when she is in water, or the way Isabella throws up her hands in victory when she emerges from the water after going down the slide. Totally sucky that I wont be able to share that with them either, but I'll hold those memories dear in my heart, a photo album not open to those with dishonest intentions.


Jen said...

That's too bad. It's a sad world.

I'm glad your little gals like to swim. Mine does too. We plan to head to the Moose Jaw spa after Christmas to take Jo for her first swim too!

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