Monday, May 18, 2009

A Tag because I Lag

The third trimester is winning around here, (that's right folks 9 days until I'm due, so like 21 days until the baby gets here, jk). And my blog has been a-sufferin. Luckily Jenn saw fit to tag me today!

The purpose of the tag is to list five reasons why I like being a Mom. I'm currently working on Katy's First Year scrapbook and since I'm accessing her pictures on a daily basis, she will be our pictoral example of my Five.

1. You get to dress your kids up in costumes like this, for the express purpose of taking pictures. And no one thinks you're insane.
2. Watching little people explore, learn, test and create is amazing. I have been blown away by how uniquely each of our daughters do those things. It also helps me recapture the wonder of all that is around me.

3. Food. "It was all the kids would eat." is the best excuse EVER to consistently have fresh baking in the house, to have breakfast for dinner and to eat frozen pizza every meal for a week when life gets hectic. (Not that I do those things on a regular basis.....)
4. I get to play. I am 5'2 which makes me about the size of a sixth grader. ;) But I can actually fit in the slide structures at places like Chuck E. Cheese and Kidsport. Inevitably one of my children will be unable to navigate part of the tunnel maze and I must go rescue them! I like that I get to play, and again no one thinks I'm long as the children are with least they wont tell me to my face that they think I'm insane.
5. Being completely changed by such small people is really cool too. In the beginning of being a mom I got all caught up in trying to teach my kids. Life is so much better now that I let them teach me.

I tag Amanda ; Erin and Jill !


Lamb said...

Kids are great!!! I learned a lot from our boys. Mostly how to just enjoy life and laugh a lot.
It is wonderful to see their eyes light up when they find something new to explore.
Enjoy every precious moment.
We love you and miss you guys.

God bless

Phil and Jenn said...

Yeah, those are great! It is so much fun to watch and learn and grow together!!!

Maybe your next post will be the revealing of baby #4! Can't wait. Hang in there!

Jen said...

I can't believe you only have 9 days left! Wow.

And your 5 reasons are so great. Things I wouldn't have thought of!

Bloggy Mama said...

Excellent. Well shared, Mama. I'll have your wrap on it's way by Thurs, I hope!
sending hugs!!