Monday, April 27, 2009

Life's a Zoo!

I haven't been blogging much the last couple of weeks because life has been crazy! Not crazy busy, but definitely not routine. The girls all got sick and I did too which has thrown off our regular schedules and really taken us for a ride. The weather has also not helped, there have been a mixture of rainy days and really hot ones. I prefer the rainy days, but am loving that on the days the girls can play outside they absolutely cannot keep their eyes open past 7:30!
Katy and I have been hanging onto our symptoms the longest and so I've had a few days to hang out with her while the girls run around outside, (the wind is just a bit much when we were told to stay warm to get better). Unfortunately I'm not as fun as Katy's siblings and she really wanted to be where they are.

She's such a monkey trying to climb out the back door, or up onto every piece of furniture, or casually walking down the front hall and straight out the door. She's keeping me on my toes this one!


Lamb said...

Katy is soooo cute.
Ask Nick about him climbing everything in sight. He even used to try to unlock the chain lock in the middle of the night. He would drag a chair over to the door. We didn't hear it because the chair legs had padding on them. Parents can move very fast when they hear the chain lock on the front door. So blame him for Katy knowing how to escape. lol

How are you feeling. Not too much longer till the new little boy. Wow

Bloggy Mama said...

So fun. I love the costume.