Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I still have not yet taken the time to learn to edit photos, so I'm sure there are real gems hidden in here, but I know there's a few people who like to see photos of the girls when I have a chance. The other day they brought down their princess dresses, (even one for Katy), and asked us to take pictures of them. They then put on a short recital wherein they all sang different songs louder than each other.
Isabella stopped to pose.

There was some wrestling going on, (typical while one is dressed like a lady),and Nick had to prove to the girls he really is stronger than them.
Brooklyn took a break to take care of her baby and check in with the office.
Katy was just absolutely giddy to be playing with the big girls.


Amanda said...

Awww the kids are so sweet! I love seeing pics of them getting so big.

Bloggy Mama said...

So completely adorable!