Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My lovely friend Tara tagged me and since I love her, (and her blog), I am now going to list five unusual things about me.

1. I HATE the summer. Hate, hate, hate it. And it's more than the potential of sun burns and mosquito bites and sweating. I hate the aloneness of summer. When everyone heads away to 'relax' at their cottage or spend time on a family trip or just sleep a zillion hours. I despise that planned ministries at church end in May and don't start again until September. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the things that family vacations and cottage get-aways stand for, but I still HATE summer.

2. I cannot answer a question, in writing, in a simple sentence. I always have to explain myself. Like now. While I point out my quirks and then justify them.

3. I am in love with ER. All the seasons. I actually got misty eyed when CTV first announced this will be the last season.

4. I cannot wear clothes to bed. It can be freezing in our house and I still cannot wear a shed of cloth to bed. I feel all trapped and smothered when wearing pyjamas in bed. Out of Bed is a whole other story.

5. I am rhythmically challenged. I cannot clap and sing at the same time. In church I look like one of those totally white kids, standing there with my hands on my hips or crossed in front of me. If I'm clapping it's because I don't know the song. I can't explain that one. It's just who I am.

I tag,

Northern Lamb


Tara said...

tee hee... thanks for playing along! And you know what? I hate that everything ends for the summer too. And I hate wearing clothes to bed... but I often do now that I have sons and my mother living in the same house as us. I also love ER. And I CAN clap and sing at the same time... I just hate doing it. Weird I know.

Who knew we had so much in common?

Lamb said...

Hi Amanda,

what happens with the tag. Do we put our info on our blog or in the comments on your page???

Help!!! lol

Lamb said...

Hi Amanda,
I posted three things about me on myh blog. Is that ok?

erica said...

Hey i just started reading your posts again...maybe i'll get inspired to start writing my own...

Ps i found a good recipe blogger:

the canadian baker

the recipes always look sooo good.

i'm glad you liked your SMUSHED penny

erica said...


Jill said...


Lamb said...

Thanks for tagging me, Amanda.

You got me back to blogging.

Hugs to the girls and Nick. Oh, and take one for yourself. lol

God bless,