Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Up North

Last week I took the girls up north by myself. It was good, although they didn't fall asleep before 9:30 and woke up at 6:30 each day; even though I didn't let them have afternoon naps. I didn't get the physical relaxation I was hoping for, but it was a great time. Brooklyn and Isabella both love being out in the boat.
Everytime we stepped outside you could be sure to find Brooklyn eating dirt and rubbing it in her hair. She still isn't talking much but rather expresses herself through noises, grunts and shrieks.
Isabella was a total ham. Here she is mid dance wearing my sunglasses.
Kathryn had the busiest week of all. She learned to crawl for real, get herself up to sitting and back down again and began making her first 'da-da' type noises. I can't get over how quickly she's growing up.
All in all it was a wonderful week, it took a lot of effort, but I'm sure it was appreciated by all.


Jill said...

Brave girl traveling on her own with those cute kiddies! Great pics!

Lamb said...

Love the pix!!!

I bet the girls would love camping.

Brooklyn has the right idea, playing in the dirt. lol Just like Nick.

Kathryn seems so happy.

Of course Belle is having fun being a ham. She is quite a character.

We can hardly wait to see them.

Bloggy Mama said...

Those girls are each so incredible. What a blessing to be Mom to all three!

Amanda said...

I'm sure the girls had fun and a change of 'scenery' can be nice for us even if it is more work!