Monday, May 19, 2008

Bags and Shoes

Raising three girls is going to bring me way out of my comfort zone as I learn to view this world through their eyes.

Fact: I own less shoes than my husband.
Fact: Our closet is split 60/40 in his favour.
Fact: I think practical when dressing the kids not fashionable.
Fact: I like to call my hairstyle swept up, but its real name is lazy.

Isabella already loves accessories. She will wear a hat anywhere and in any situation. She has already asked me for a (working) cell phone. She likes lipstick so much she'll colour her lips with marker to get the desired effect. In our front hall closet there are a tonne of shoes; I'd say 50 pair, 7 of them belong to me.

I think I'm going to like getting more in touch with my feminine side though. The above shoes are for Isabella and the upcoming wedding she is in as flower girl. I had been on the hunt for the 'perfect' pair of shoes, and was actually giddy when I found these.

Girly might not be so bad afterall.


Ashley said...
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Bloggy Mama said...

Oh, girl. I so wish that we could hang out. This was a great post!

Kim said...

this is your little sister Deanna:).. haha.. as you know.. i LOVE shoes and im glad to know my neices are gunna be like me:) haha

Phil and Jenn said...

May you enjoy the girly things in life with your three beautiful daughters! I'm sure they will begin to teach you things and show you things you never knew existed! Have fun... PS... those shoes are super cute!

Will said...

I tried to invision you as overly girly...and then the sky got dark and the ground started I stopped.

hehe, jk jk. I'm sure you will have a blast with your girls being..well..girls :P

Amanda Brown said...

So cute. I know you've got a girly side lurking there somewhere, Amanda. Remember getting all dolled up for grad in your beautiful red dress with those huge platform shoes (in the perfectly matching shade of scarlet)with your hair and make-up done? You looked like a princess, if I recall correctly.
Here's to more shoes for YOU! :)