Friday, February 15, 2008

Period Sweats

Throughout our lives we meet a million people. Well maybe not a million, but we meet a LOT of people. Each person we meet touches our life in a different way. Some hang on forever, some do not. Sometimes distance separates us, sometimes changes in hobbies, sometimes we separate for no reason at all.

In my particular life I have had the opportunity to meet a million great people. People who sink back into my sub-conscious thoughts throughout the days. Whether I'm glancing at pictures, watching an old movie, thinking about highschool classes or digging deep into my psyche to deal with a particular life circumstance.

One thing that saddens me about my life is that I can't gather up all those people I know and put them in the same place at the same time and we can all live there happily ever after. I miss people; and I'm sure people in my current life would love people from my past life if only I could get them together!

I like to pride myself on being good at keeping in touch. I am one of those people who returns emails quickly, I do return phone messages-(maybe not as quickly), I write annual Christmas letters, do this blog, am on Facebook each day to connect, and I don't shy away from trying to hook up with 'old' friends if we're in their city. If you don't return the favor I try not to push myself on you, but I'll never forget to remember you.

When we do hook up again it's great. I'm not one that needs to know what you've been doing for the last ten years. Tell me what you did yesterday and the conversation will flow, the back story will fill in as necessary. Let's just pick up like we never left off.

If you were writing my tombstone today, I would hope it would read; "Amanda-She was like a good pair of period sweats.".

You always know they're there in the drawer for the bloaty days. Waiting for you after a long day's work at the office. They give in all the right areas. They're worn in and fit like they were made just for you. No judgements, no opinions. Sure they have experience and they'll share it with you, but never ambush you with it. A soft place to fall, a warm hug when needed. When you don't need them you shove them in the drawer and even though you don't wear them everyday, you always know exactly where they are when you need them. Waiting for you to call on them and feeling like they've fulfilled their purpose when you do use them.

That's what I want to be. A good pair of period sweats.


Bloggy Mama said...

Sigh, I live in those pants....
Thanks for being a friend, Amanda.
I often wish that we could meet up.

Jen said...

I think that is the perfect description of you. I love it how when we are in touch, it feels like we've been talking everyday and that somehow, we really have lived our lives side by side, instead of provinces apart!